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Shares Information


On November 21, 2011, VIVA held its Initial Public Offering, issuing 1,667,000,000 shares with a nominal value of IDR 100 and an offer price of IDR 300 per share. The total value of the Public Offer amounted to IDR 500,100,000,000 (five hundred billion one hundred million Rupiah)

Along with the Public Offering, the Company also issued a total of 1,000,200,000 Series 1 Warrant. The Series 1 Warrants were issued to shareholders whose names were recorded in DPS Allotment, with the condition that shareholders would receive three Series 1 Warrants for each five shares held.

The nominal value of the Series 1 Warrant is IDR 100 with an execution price of IDR305, translates to a total Series 1 Warrant value of IDR305,061,000,000. The Warrants could be converted during the 12 months beginning May 22, 2012 and ending May 21, 2013 with each Warrant entitling the purchase of one share.

A total of 999,990,400 Warrants were converted, while 209,600 were not converted. After the conversion of warrants, the total shares of VIVA amounted to 16,464,270,400.

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