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Code Of Ethics and Corporate Charter

Code of Conduct
PT Visi Media Asia Tbk

The following is the Code of Conduct of the Company:

1. Employees shall carry out the work entrusted to them with full dedication, awareness, and responsibility;

2. Employees shall keep and maintain all information about VIVA that is considered confidential, obtained because of his/her position, as well as due to relationships within VIVA working environment, up to three (3) years after the employee ceases working for VIVA;

3. Employees must maintain VIVA’s good reputation;

4. Employees are obliged to accept assignments and or placement/rotation ordered by the management of VIVA;

5. Employees shall comply with all work ethics and discipline, the prevailing Company regulations and obey orders and instructions by their direct supervisors;

6. Employees are required to submit to VIVA any copyright (IPR) generated over their assignments and/or at the expense of VIVA during and in their employment with the Company;

7. Employees shall comply with all applicable employment guidelines, among others, that involves the safety of themselves and colleagues and co-workers regarding safety for equipment /other assets and work safety;

8. Employees shall maintain order and cleanliness in the workplace;

9. Employees are required to act and behave decently, helping to create and maintain a conducive atmosphere for work in the workplace;

10. Employees shall be neatly dressed and polite and use the company identification card (ID Card);

11. Employees shall report any loss, damage or destruction of company property to the immediate supervisor within a maximum of 2×24 hours;

12. Employees are required to come to work on days and hours of work as determined;

13. Before starting work, each employee must clock-in at determined/established locations, either at the attendance machine, or using the ID card. According to the prevailing regulations, employees who do not implement the provisions referred to above are considered absent / not present at work;

14. Employees are not allowed to come late or leave earlier than the specified working hours, unless otherwise permitted by the immediate supervisor;

15. Employees who are absent from work due to illness or other acceptable reasons, shall promptly notify their immediate supervisor and fill out the notification absence at the first opportunity when the employee is back at work;

16. If the absence was due to illness of more than 1 (one) day, the employee shall at the earliest opportunity submit a letter of medical pass to HR Department upon reporting to the immediate supervisor. Without the Medical pass, the employee is considered absent from work;

17. Employees who are absent from work for reasons that cannot be accounted for, will be sanctioned by the company, and;

18. Employees are required to report all changes regarding address, family status to HR no later than 1 (one) month after the change by attaching supporting evidence issued by the competent authority.

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