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Audit Committee

Chairman   : Ilham Akbar Habibie  (Independent Commissioner)
Member   : Arie Nugraha
Member   : Ryka Eko Saputro


In performing its duties, the Audit Committee is accountable to the Board of Commissioners as the embodiment of oversight accountability of the Company management in the framework of the implementation of corporate governance principles.The duties and responsibilities of the Audit Committee as set forth in the Charter of the Audit Committee consist of:

  1. To review the Company’s compliance to capital market regulations and other regulations relating to the activities of the Company.
  2. To ensure the effectiveness of the internal control system and be the conduit between internal audits and external auditors to increase the effectiveness of their duties.
  3. To assess the activities and the results of audits conducted by the Internal Audit Unit and the External Audit to ensure that the reports meet the required standards.
  4. To provide recommendations on improvements for VIVA management control systems and its implementation.
  5. To study, evaluate and provide input on the Management Report prepared by the Board of Directors.
  6. To identify matters that requires the attention of the Board of Commissioners.
  7. To carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Commissioners those are within the scope of the duties and obligations of the Board of Commissioners.
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