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Corporate Overview

Established in 2004, PT Visi Media Asia Tbk. (“VIVA”) is a leading integrated convergent media company in Indonesia which its shares has been listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange since November 2011 (IDX:VIVA). Since then, VIVA has established itself as a consistent innovator in the sector by strategically focusing on micro-targeting, synergies and audience interaction. The Company’s activities cover the Free to Air (FTA) television stations with a leading news and sport station and entertainment channel as well as a fast growing digital portal, supported by social media and off air activities for comprehensive reach across all platforms. Through sustainable innovation to inspire, starting from 2015, in order to maintain its operational performance and further boost its branding existence, VIVA has introduced convergence strategy of 360˚ experience. Under this concept, viewers are able to access innovative and inspiring content through FTA TV, mobile as well as online streaming. Moreover, VIVA also leverages social media, reaching out to establish a strong digital presence on all major social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ to get feedback from its loyal audiences and promote its on-air and off-air program as well as pushing innovative offline promotions and activities. In this way, the entire media ecosystem is covered. This strategy has successfully maintained ANTV Tier 1 ranking and tvOne as the leading news station, while has recorded strong viewers growth on the back of strong content including the integration of video platform.

tvOne’s primary target market are males 15+ in the ABC Socio-Economic Segment. Since 2008, tvOne has successfully maintained its position as the number one news TV station for eight consecutive years. The majority of tvOne programs consist of the news, current affairs, talkshows, documentaries, and sports. tvOne broadcasts 24 hours a day and continues to deliver fast and accurate information within its programs. Significant daily events are presented in “Breaking News” which has become a leading reference for viewers throughout the country.


Originally ANTV targeted women and children viewer segment, with entertainment, lifestyle, and sports content. In 2013, ANTV was repositioned to be a TV station that focuses on entertainment content for families and children. The lifestyle and entertainment broadcasts by ANTV have successfully increased ANTV’s audience share and consistently positioned ANTV as a Tier 1 entertainment TV station.


Launched in 2008, is a leading digital portal in Indonesia which ranked in the top five digital portals during 2015, with approximately 20 million unique visitors each month. The news in VIVA’s online portal is presented with an in-depth analysis applied in the printed media, yet designed for quick reading. The portal continues to offer up-to-date news, reflecting online media characteristics, supported by professional and highly experienced journalists who uphold independent principles. is successful in becoming the most popular news portal in Indonesia. has the highest engagement rate out news site with 3.38 page view per visit and more than 13 minute duration per visit (source: Effective Measure, May 2014).
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