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Whistleblowing System Committee

VIVA has established a Whistleblowing System as a system to facilitate parties that possess information and choose to report irregularities occurred in the Company’s premises involving employees and management of the Company.
The Whistleblowing System Committee is composed of the following:

1.Corporate Secretary   : Chairman and Member
2.Head of Internal Audit   : Secretary and Member
3.Head of Legal   : Member
4.Head of Human Resources   : Member
5.Head of Risk Management   : Member


  1. To reveal issues that run contrary to the Company’s Code of Conduct; thus causing VIVA personnel to be reluctant to commit violations.
  2. As a basis for dealing with violation reports in the Company’s premises to ensure prevention system is in place and that there is an effective resolution mechanism, before it becomes a negative publicity or becomes it becomes a legal issue;
  3. Promote a positive image of VIVA as an accountable institution free from corruption, collusion and nepotism.

The scope of the WBS Policy includes violations of the Code of Conduct which can be financially detrimental to the Company and/or result in a negative image and reputation for VIVA. Parties that can report violations are internal party within the Company as well as external parties, while parties that can be reported as the perpetrator(s) of the violation(s) include members of the Board of Commissioners, committees under the Board of Commissioners, members of the Board of Directors, all employees of the Company and its Subsidiaries, and business partners of the Company.

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