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Strategic Policy Committee

Chairman   :   Rosan Perkasa Roeslani (Commissioner)
Member   :   David Burke (Director)
Member   :   Otis Hahyari (Director)


The duties and responsibilities of the Strategic Policy Committee are as follows:

  1. Submit suggestions for the strategy development to anticipate the changes and dynamics of the Indonesian and international media industry, in terms of competition, market share content and consumer behavior;
  2. Propose innovative measures that will be taken by the Company and its Subsidiaries in utilizing the Indonesia digitalization process and convergence of media broadcasting;
  3. Propose development strategy of the Company and its Subsidiaries in expanding its platform content distribution, both in terms of investment policy, technology and human resources;
  4. Assist the Board of Commissioners in overseeing the management of the investments made by the Company and its Subsidiaries, to maintain compliance with the principles of good corporate governance, which are Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, and Independency and Fairness.
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