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Shareholders Communication Policy


I. Purpose & Objective

The Communication Policy sets out the processes to provide our shareholders and stakeholders with information in order to give them a clearer understanding regarding the Company condition and to enable them to make assessments of the Company’s strategies, developments, operations and performance, as well as allowing shareholders to communicate actively with the Company.

II. General Policy

The Communication between the Company and shareholders will encourage improvement in the quality of good corporate governance implementation, where such communication shall observe the following matters:

• The Company focuses on open communication, transparent and fair disclosures, equal treatment of shareholders and protection of shareholders’ interests and privacy, with upholding on the integrity, timeliness and relevance of the information provided.

• The Company will ensure that information communicated true, accurately and updated to avoid false information towards the shareholders.

• The Company will send notifications of the availability of documents or updated information towards shareholder’ request through Company’ website (

• Extensive information about the Company’s activities is provided to shareholders in the Investor Relation canal in Company’s website which contains Corporate Fact Sheet, Annual Reports, Financial Information, Presentation and Press Release, Share Information, Public Expose, General Meeting of Shareholders (“GMS”) Information, and VIVA Insider.

III. Communication Media

Communication to the shareholders is made through:


A GMS provides a useful forum for the shareholders to communicate with the Company where the shareholders have the rights to receive explanations regarding the Company either from the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners.
The Company shall prepare notices of GMS and provide sufficient time for such notices and the implementation of meeting in compliance with all relevant requirements.
The code of conduct applied at the GMS is communicated to the shareholders at the GMS

• Public Expose

To deliver information to the public and to convene the public expose at least once a year.

• Financial Statement

The Company aims to provide a fair, balanced and understandable disclosure of information to allow shareholders to get an update on the Company’s financial conditions and prospects.

• Company’s Website

The website which contains information about the Company is open for the public and provides timely access to the Company’s latest information relevant to shareholders. On the website, the Company posts Corporate Fact Sheet, Annual Reports, Financial Information, Presentation and Press Release, Share Information, Public Expose, GMS Information, VIVA Insider, and any other corporate communications.

• Shareholders’ Enquiries

Shareholders may address enquiries through Company’ website ( and provide access for shareholders and public for communication through email address:

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