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tvOne as a leading news station has the advantage of having vast access to the public and utilizes this access capability to broadcast and inform public the occurrence of natural disasters and the required immediate assistance for the victims. As part of its commitment to assist the society, tvOne has established  Yayasan Satu Untuk Negeri in 2011. This foundation facilitates the collection and distribution of public funds to be used for emergencies response and during the recovery stage including assistance to rehabilitate the victims of natural disaster.

Between December 2014 and December 2015, tvOne through its  Yayasan Satu untuk Negeri  successfully collected funds in the amount of IDR 2,550,031,391 from the community to be distributed as emergencies response and recovery stage from the natural disaster and/or other social activities deemed to require assistance in various region or location, such as Banjarnegara and Sukabumi landslides, as well as the occurrence of flood in Indramayu, Bandung, Tangerang, and Medan.

Emergency Response for Garut Flood Garut, September 21, 2016 Mass Khitanan at Nanggung District Bogor, July 18, 2016 Humanitarian Aid by Satu Untuk Negeri Foundation January – May 2016 Cataract Surgery for the Veterans, Wakauri and Widows of the Seroja Fighters Bekasi, August 17, 2015 Emergency Response for Sukabumi Landslides Sukabumi,March 23, 2015 Emergency Response for Indramayu Flood Indramayu, March 20, 2015 Emergency Response for Tanjung Priok Flood Jakarta, March 3, 2015 Emergency Response for Ciledug Flood Tangerang, February 10, 2015 Recovery and Emergency Response for Jabodetabek Flood Jabodetabek , January 2013 Recovery and Medical Aid for Banjarnegara Landslides Banjarnegara, May 27, 2012 Recovery and Emergency Response for Situ Gintung Flood South Tangerang, February 22, 2012 Recovery for Mount Merapi Eruption August – December 2012 Recovery for West Sumatra Earthquake July 2011 Recovery for Tasikmalaya Earthquake December 2010
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